Is Bryce Hall *really* going to be a dad? The TikTok star posted a tweet on Tuesday, January 17, claiming he has a baby on the way — however, most fans believe it’s a joke. Keep reading for everything we know, who the baby’s mother is and more.

Is Bryce Hall Going to Be a Dad?

“I have been hiding this from social media for about 6 months now,” he began in his tweet. “And felt it was the right thing to do but with rumors starting to spread thought I’d address it. Yes, I will be a father in 2023. No, I won’t reveal the baby mama out of respect for her privacy.”

Following the viral tweet, the TikToker posted photos of a sonogram on his Instagram Stories. However, a video of Bryce talking about the tweet circulated via TikTok and confirmed that it was, in fact, a joke.

“I’m not actually a dad,” Bryce says in the video. “This is going to be a joke that I’m tweeting out because I lost a battle. People are going to believe this s–t.”

What about those sonograms Bryce posted, you might ask? Well, a TikTok user already identified them as fake: the sonogram was taken from a hospital in Scotland, and the date on the photos [were] *WAS shown as March 2022.

One comment under the video gave some context of the tweet, writing: “Bryce & Josh were on tt [Twitch] doing a challenge and whoever lost got to do whatever they bet on. Bryce lost so Josh got to tweet off his account.” Well, there you have it.

J-14 reached out to Bryce for comment but did not immediately hear back.

As the social media star is known for elaborate jokes for “clout,” it looks like this one is no different.

He made headlines just recently for a fighting incident, one of many, in Las Vegas. TMZ obtained video footage of the internet personality seemingly punching a security guard, they reported that the incident went down after Bryce and a friend were apparently kicked out of a club. Bryce’s team declined to comment.

Who Is Bryce Hall Dating?

Following his romance with Addison Rae in 2019, the former Sway House member was also romantically linked to Riley Hubatka, but he set the record straight on romance rumors during the “Plan Bri Uncut” podcast.

“We were talking, but it was me just being, like, man-hoe. I was a man-hoe,” he admitted. “We still talk we’re still friends, but we just flirt as a joke now.”

He added, “It’s not going to happen so we’ll joke. … We still like each other, we’re just like, ‘The boy. The girl.’”

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