The TikTok world can get a little confusing, especially when it comes to relationships. Since the video-sharing app rose to popularity, so many of its biggest content creators have become romantically involved with each other.

Noah Beck and Dixie D’Amelio — who are often referred to as Doah — have taken the crown as fan-favorite couple since they confirmed in October 2020 that had they had been dating for a month.

“Basically, I took her to Malibu on September 25, we went to the lifeguard post and I decorated it with candles. I brought s’mores … decorated the lifeguard post, like rose petals, candles, stuff like that,” Noah revealed in a YouTube video at the time. “I came back when I was done decorating, walked her there and she knew what was happening, I think. Then I just popped the question!”

At first, Dixie revealed that she was a little upset when their budding romance went public, but now, she’s glad they’re able to showcase their love.

“I am public with Noah, which is really cool,” the internet star said on a November 2020 episode of her “2 Chix” podcast. “[I] did not want it to come out the way that it did … I was happy and mad at the same time. I was mad that I didn’t get to make the decision because I like being in charge and making all my own decisions, but it was also kind of cute because I know he really cares about me and it was nice and I’m happy with it.”

Another couple that’s made relationship headlines is Bryce Hall and Addison Rae. Since stepping foot into the spotlight the pair have been official on two separate occasions and also called it quits twice.

“There were a lot of times we were on, we were off, and it was kind of just like, a confusing situation, but right now, we’re just kind of both deciding that, you know, there are a lot of things going on in both of our lives that we really need to focus on and figure out,” Addison told Entertainment Tonight in September 2020 following their late-2019 split.

However, they ended up bringing Braddison back to life for real a month later. In a November 2020 YouTube video, titled “The Truth About Us,” the couple revealed that they had been official since October that same year. Their reconciliation only lasted a few months, with Bryce confirming on a March 2021 episode of Barstool Sports’ “BFFs” podcast that he “ended it” with Addison about a month prior.

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