Is Bryce Hall single or looking for love? The TikTok star has become a household name with fans digging into his love life, especially his tumultuous past relationship with Addison Rae. Keep reading for everything we know about his dating history. 

Is Bryce Hall Single?

The internet personality-turned-actor confirmed that he’s “single as a f–king Pringle right now” while appearing on the “Plan Bri Uncut” podcast in August 2022.

Are Bryce Hall and Addison Rae Dating?

While they’re not together right now, Bryce and Addison did experience some ups and downs together. They first dated and subsequently split in late 2019, but they stayed close which led fans to believe that they were secretly together. However, nearly a year later, they took their relationship to the next level and went public in November 2020, revealing that they had actually been together for two months.

Update: Addison Rae and Bryce Hall Confirm Their Relationship: A Complete Timeline / MEGA

“We are cool, we are friends. We’re vibing. You see our costumes? Internet breaker,” Bryce said during a November 2020 appearance on the “Hollywood Raw” podcast. “We’re just vibing, doing our thing … I wouldn’t say we’ve been off and on. We’ve only been off two times. We’ve never gotten into fights. So, when we do get into fights, we are both so hardheaded, but we are also so nice to each other. We never fight, so the fights we do get in are so rare. And if it happens it’s like ‘I’m right, no you’re right, I mean no I’m right.’ It’s just petty stuff.”

After a few months together, Addison confirmed in March 2021 that she and Bryce had split. “No we are not, but I wish him the very best,” she said when a photographer asked if she and Bryce were still together. Addison has since moved on with musician Omer Fedi.

Are Bryce Hall and Josie Canseco Dating?

Bryce stirred up romance rumors with model Josie Canseco after he posted an Instagram photo of himself with Josie on his birthday on August 14, 2022. The two have yet to confirm if they are dating or not.

Who Else Has Bryce Hall Dated?

The former Sway House member was also romantically linked to Riley Hubatka, and he set the record straight on romance rumors during the “Plan Bri Uncut” podcast.

“We were talking, but it was me just being, like, man-hoe. I was a man-hoe,” he admitted. “We still talk we’re still friends, but we just flirt as a joke now.”

He added, “It’s not going to happen so we’ll joke. … We still like each other, we’re just like, ‘The boy. The girl.'”

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