Although Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne have been hit by a wave of nonstop baby rumors for what seems like an eternity now, the couple has still to publicly confirm or deny anything — which of course only means that the rumors are now at an all-time high. Still, this latest piece to the puzzle has everyone scratching their heads and maybe, possibly, thinking that this is way more than just another rumor.

Just over the weekend, Cheryl's mom, Joan Callaghan, was spotted at a UK maternity store, Mothercare, buying baby clothes and among other things, a pregnancy pillow. After hearing this news, one can see why Directioners all across social media are convinced that a pregnancy announcement is on the verge.

liam payne and cheryl cole

The Twitter user who originally captured the picture, commented that, "She had a massive pregnancy pillow which helps make your bump more comfortable when you're trying to sleep."

The fan continued to discuss the visit in detail, by saying, "She was asking the assistant for advice about another kind that she wanted, more of a wedge which you can put under your bump when it's quite big to help take the weight. The shop assistant went away and came back with what she had asked for."

Once the picture and the shoppers comments hit the web, it had fans speculating that this was it and that an announcement was only a few days away at best. We mean, why else would Cheryl's mom want to stock up on baby products and ask for advice about which products would be best for a growing belly – as any responsible and concerned grandmother to be would. It could only mean one thing, right? RIGHT.

Or maybe these are just gifts for another mommy to be – MAYBE. But until these two decide to let us in on what's really going on, we'll just sit here and idly twiddle our fingers until someone decides to let us in on the secret.

Do you think these two are gearing up to be parents? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!

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