Is Chlöe Bailey off the market? The singer has spoken publicly about her relationship status multiple times. Keep reading to see if she’s single or dating.

Is Chlöe Bailey Single?

The “Have Mercy” songstress is currently single, she revealed to Cosmopolitan in her April 2023 cover story.

“Sadly, I have not been seeing anybody for almost a year now,” Chlöe revealed. “Your girl has just been working on herself, and I wish I was lying. I tell myself, God, I know what you’re doing. You’re sifting out the BS, so I can find good lovin’. When you don’t know your worth and when you haven’t mastered the art of loving yourself, you question why others would love you.”

Chlöe added, “I think that’s why I’m single right now, so I can grasp that concept a little more because I can’t expect someone to love me wholeheartedly when I’m not there yet within myself.”

Looks like the singer may have found her herself! On December 26, Chlöe was spotted hanging out with rapper Tyga at a West Hollywood club. The pair were also seen leaving together and heading towards the same car, via Daily Mail. Is this the beginning of a new love story for the two?

Who Has Chlöe Bailey Dated?

Before entering her single era, Chlöe was in a rumored relationship with rapper Gunna throughout 2021 to 2022.

The Georgia native even confirmed that her song, “For the Night,” is about Gunna during a Twitter Spaces stream in October 2022.

“Imma tell y’all a little secret about ‘For The Night,'” she said of the song’s inspiration. “I might regret saying this, but hey, maybe it’ll help f–king streams. I don’t even think he knows this! I wrote ‘For The Night’ about Gunna.”

Chlöe also revealed that she had written the song “months ago about him,” but she is now “single.”

The musician revealed that she wrote the song after Gunna’s interview with the Breakfast Club in January 2022, where he downplayed relationship rumors with her, asserting that the two were “really close friends.”

At the time, Chlöe also pushed back on romance rumors on Instagram Live just one week later. “I feel like everybody wants to know about my love life,” she said. “My love life is music, darling.”

On top of that, in an interview with E! Newsone month later, the “Pray It Away” singer spoke about love and dating.

“I think something that I’m learning is that self-love is the greatest form of love that you will ever receive. Any man who is lucky enough to come into my life will have to compete with that.”

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