Directioners know that Harry Styles has been dealing with throat problems during the band's past two shows, which makes it really hard for him to perform. The other One Direction guys haven't been feeling great either, but they've been helping Harry through it by singing some of his solo parts. Unfortunately that isn't enough for some fans, who are complaining that they're not getting to see him in top shape.

Luckily, it doesn't seem like Harry is letting the difficult situation get him down. According to @1DLittleSecret, after apologizing for "feeling poorly and finding it hard to talk," the 1D star spent the majority of last night's concert in Edinburgh jumping, dancing, and clowning around on stage. At one point, he even sat down with a mic pole, and pretended to fish!

harry styles fishing

Harry also looked really adorable when he was lip synching to "Right Now."

When Harry tried to sing for real, Liam Payne wasn't having it, telling his bandmate to shut up and save his voice. Talk about having a classic Daddy Direction moment!

Are you sad to hear that Harry is having throat problems? Are you worried that the other guys could be getting sick too? Tell us in the comments!

Photo credit: AjHoranlicious

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