Harry Styles may not be leaving One Direction to start a solo career, but rumors have been swirling that he's prepping to become a movie star. Turns out, he might have a shot at an upcoming film role! Author Anna Todd recently spilled that she would love the singer to play the leading role in her book-turned-movie, After.

Since the online novel originally started as 1D fan fiction — and the main character's role is based off of the singer — it's not too surprising that he's her first choice.

"I would love Harry to do it," she told E! Online.


However, she doesn't think he'll get the part!

"I can't imagine him getting into that kind of role. He is too sweet to play him," she said.

Still, since we know that Harry wants to get into acting, we wouldn't be shocked if he were in the running for the role. But we also think he might not want to get his start playing a character that's based off a bad boy version of himself. That might be a bit weird!

Do you think Harry should star in After? Do you want him to become a movie star? Tell us in the comments!

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