Is Jackson Wang single? The Hong Kong rapper that got his start in the K-pop group GOT7 has opened up about his dating life a few times — which is very rare in the K-pop world! Keep reading for everything he’s said and if he’s dating anyone right now.

Is Jackson Wang Single?

Jackson appears to be single right now.

Most recently, he denied dating rumors with (G)I-DLE’s Yuqi in February 2022. Romance reports sparked between the two after she was spotted leaving the GOT7 member’s apartment in China.

His management company, RYCE Entertainment, issued a statement through Weibo. The statement claimed that the video posted on the social media platform was “pieced together and purposely twisted the truth” in order to “mislead the public and create misunderstanding towards [Jackson],” as translated by Koreaboo.

“It’s common and normal for friends to gather at [Jackson’s’s] home,” RYCE Entertainment added. “The actions of the said independent media account not only invaded the artist’s privacy, but also caused damaged to Mr. [Wang’s] reputation.”

Who Has Jackson Wang Dated?

Jackson opened up about his dating life during an interview with the WOODY FM radio show in December 2022. “I really want to date … but, it’s just that my head is … it doesn’t work,” he admitted.

He got brutally honest about a past relationship, saying that it ended around a year and a half ago and was known as a “something” romance. To explain, a “something” is a Korean dating term referring to the time when two people are talking but haven’t made anything official.

The Hong Kong rapper explained that there are “different levels of something” ranging from deep to not so deep, explaining that his specific relationship leaned more towards the “not-deep side.”

Jackson revealed his situationship “was grey,” which led to his frustration, lamenting his feelings at the time. “What are we doing, we’re talking for a bit of time already, and it just feels like we’re not landing anywhere.”

The former GOT7 member also explained that due to his job, it’s difficult for him to date in general.

“For instance, I really like your personality and I’d like to know you better, but I might need to fly off to Thailand, then Korea the day after,” he said on his busy schedule during an interview with TVB in January 2023.  “There’s like no opportunity [to get to know you] and no more [spark].”

“I’ll let nature take its course,” he hilariously added. “By the time I’m 35 or 40, if I cannot find love, I will post on Instagram to ask for help.”

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