Jennifer Lawrence has had her fair share of Hollywood boyfriends and even admitted to kissing Liam Hemsworth off screen during their days working on the Hunger Games. But, a new man has reportedly come into her life and it's completely unexpected!

His name is Darren Aronofsky.

Nothing has been confirmed yet but there is large speculation that him and J.Law are getting super close. So who is he? Darren actually directed mega successful motion pictures like Black Swan and Noah. Now he's in the middle of working on a project with Jennifer and a few other big time actors.

That being said, this could be a professional, platonic relationship only. But they were seen out to lunch together in New York City last month and sources seem to think there is some romantic chemistry brewing up between them.

A source said, "Jennifer and Darren have tried to keep things low-key and under wraps but they are really into each other. Recently Jennifer was working on a gruelling project and she relied on Darren for support and they were in constant contact. It seemed to show they were the real deal."

Hmmm…Jennifer is known to keep her love life private but hopefully she confirms or denies the rumors soon. Even though Darren might be two whole decades older than her, if she's happy then that's all that matters and it's clear that they have at least a friendship to build on!

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