Now that Jelena is probably over for now, Justin Bieber has been pretty obvious about spending time with his rumored girlfriend Yovanna Ventura. But we guess they're not official because Justin has been flirting with another model and singer, Ella-Paige Roberts Clarke, who he was rumored to be dating last year.

After Ella-Paige posted a selfie on Shots as she was leaving Paris, Justin responded. Guess it must have caught his attention in a big way!

Justin sent Ella-Paige a pic of his pants, along with the caption "those sunglasses are pretty big…" Perhaps the most surprising thing was that he didn't respond with a selfie (you know he loves them), but the message was definitely playful and flirtatious.

As for his post-Selena Gomez love interests, it looks like Justin is only reigniting his old flames right now. Yovanna was rumored to be dating Justin earlier this year before we caught them cuddling, so maybe Justin will start pursuing all his rumored girlfriends

Do you think Justin will date Ella-Paige? Do you think they'd make an adorable couple? Let us know in the comments!

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