We've heard that Justin Bieber has big plans to win Selena Gomez back, but someone might be standing in his way — and it's not who you think! According to Hollywood Life, Lil Twist has been publicly hanging out with the "Looking for You" singer because he knows it will upset his bestie's on-again, off-again girlfriend.

Apparently, the rapper is intentionally blocking a reconciliation between them.

“Lil Twist and Selena do not get along. She doesn’t like him and he doesn’t like her. The feeling is mutual, so whenever Lil Twist can, he tries to get Justin set up with other girls," their source said.


“They’ve been hanging out for quite some time, and now, Lil Twist is putting it out there on blast because he knows it drives Selena crazy."

However, we think the "Come and Get It" singer might not even care that much. She is reportedly taking a break from dating to focus on herself, so a Jelena reunion probably won't happen right away. Still, we hope Justin's BFF isn't trying to sabotage their relationship. That's definitely not cool!

Do you think Justin's friends are preventing him from getting back together with Selena? Do you wish they would start dating again? Tell us in the comments!

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