The Jonas’ family is busy planning a wedding for Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner as 2018 rolls around, but don’t expect Nick Jonas to be in the same boat anytime soon. There’s been speculation for months about whether or not the “Jealous” singer is dating or single. Between models, actresses, singers and even his BFF Demi Lovato, Nick sure has had his fair share of ladies he’s been linked to. But, finally, we’ve got some answers from the man himself. He chatted with PEOPLE magazine about his nonexistent dating life at the moment.

He said, “It’s not that I’m not pursuing love in some sense, but I’m just too busy right now. The time that I do have, I want it to be fun and casual and light and a non-stressful thing.” And even though both of his brothers are in committed relationships, that doesn’t mean Nick feels like he needs to jump into things. He continued, “The opposite! I’m sure there will come a time when I’m ready to make a more serious commitment and be in a relationship like that but I’m thrilled to be able to keep things light at the moment.”

So, there you have it. Nick isn’t dating anyone so let’s all stop trying to speculate. It seems like he’s becoming more and more of an open book, to be honest. We have a feeling that when he does start to date someone, or actually develop serious feelings, that he’s not going to hide it from his fans. I mean, he can’t keep his mouth closed about Joe and Sophie’s relationship so I don’t know why he would be any different about the future love of his life.

He told PEOPLE, “I was very excited and anxious to hear from them on the day that I knew he [was proposing]. When I finally did, it was just the best. I think they found their other half in each other and it’s a beautiful thing. It’s rare in a lot of cases and when you see it happen it brings you an overwhelming sense of joy.” We’ll just be here tapping our toes waiting for Nick to bring around his own arm candy.

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