Austin Richard Post, also known as Post Malone, is one of the biggest artists to date — and has somehow been able to keep quite a tight-lid on his relationships. Does he have a girlfriend, is he married, does he have kids? Well, we broke it all down here.

Keep reading to find out if Post Malone is off the market. 

Is Post Malone Single?

Nope! The “Sunflower” singer is currently taken, however, the identity of his partner is unknown. Fans of the artist have scoured the internet to try and uncover who she is, but not much has been found as she reportedly deactivated her Instagram account, via XXL Mag

Nonetheless, fans have decided to call the mystery woman “Jamie.”

The couple were first linked together in October 2020, after they were photographed leaving an airport, according to a fan account. A few months later, Posty and Jamie were caught by fans shopping in Los Angeles. Since then, they have only been spotted on a handful of occasions.

Most recently, on October 21, 2021, the “Circles” singer was seen attending an event in Phoenix alongside his rumored partner. The two seemingly had a great time with their friends, which can be seen here.

Is Post Malone Engaged?

The rapper is engaged! While on the the “Call Her Daddy” podcast in August 2023, the singer revealed just how the proposal went down.

He explained, “We’re not married – it was just a proposal. I had lost a significant amount of money at the table. We go upstairs and I’m off my rocker hammered and I was like, ‘Hey, you wanna marry me?’”

To the artists surprise, she turned him down! Posty further shared, “I got a ring and all this stuff. And she said ‘no.’ She’s like, ‘Ask me tomorrow’ and I was like, ‘Alright.’ And then I did and I was sober and it was nice.”

The “Mourning” singer has had nothing but kind words to say about his fiancée. He also gushed about how he knew she was the one. Explaining to the podcast host, “I could tell … her heart is so massive. I’ve always wanted kids and a big family. And I could tell she was going to be a really good mama.”

Does Post Malone Have Kids?

If you read the previous line, Posty mentioned that he’s always wanted a big family. Well, he doesn’t have to wish any longer, as he also shared that his family is growing! In June 2022, Austin casually revealed on the “Howard Stern Show” that he was a proud father to his baby girl.

During the interview he revealed, “I woke up at 2:30 in the afternoon. I went and I kissed my baby girl.” The host was confused by this and asked him to explain, saying “Baby girl — are you referring to your girlfriend? Or, you have a baby?” The rapper responded, “No, that’s my daughter.”

Austin hasn’t directly revealed when his daughter was born nor her name, but People confirmed in September 2022 that he welcomed his first child sometime in May of that same year.

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