It's no secret that Simon Cowell is upset that the One Direction boys have left his record label for others. He's called them out on numerous occasions and, to be honest, we kind of feel bad for the guy. He was very close to the 1D boys and as they probably have a good reason for leaving, it still hurts the heart.

But, did Simon actually ban them and specifically Niall Horan from performing his newest single on the X-Factor?

A source told The Sun, "Simon really thought the 1D boys would show loyalty after he mentored them on the show and made them the huge global success they are. Instead they went behind his back. He's not going to be doing them any favors. He knows artists love performing on the show as there are eight million viewers to promote their songs to."

As for Niall's song, "This Town," the source added, "The song's already going down the chart. Simon doesn't feel he's missing out."

OKAY. Yiiikes! This is a bit upsetting considering their history. Even though Simon is known as a tough guy, we have a hard time believing he would be this harsh towards any of the guys. Thankfully, he cleared things up a bit with a single tweet. And in true Simon fashion, he totally shut everyone down!

What. A. Relief.

Did you think he would really ban them? Let us know in the comments below!

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