From talking bans to tentative birthday truces, Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez's friendship has almost been as complicated as Justin Bieber and Selena's! We heard that Taylor ended her feud with Selena because she broke up with Justin, but now that Jelena is back on, Taylor is staying friends with Selena — even though she doesn't approve of their reunion.

"Selena’s friends have given up trying to get her to break-up with Justin, even Taylor’s stopped giving her grief over it,” a source told Hollywood Life. “They think she’s crazy for taking him back, but they’re not going to punish her for it.”

Even though Taylor isn't Justin's biggest fan, she just wants to see Selena happy this time around.

“Taylor still can’t stand Justin, but she doesn’t want to lose Selena over it so she’s backing off. She wants Selena to be happy and Justin is making her really happy, so it’s hard to be mad at that!”

Apparently, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge also played an important role in their friend reunion! Taylor nominated Selena for the challenge, and when she completed it, they started talking more frequently.

“After Selena did the challenge Taylor was happy and reached out to Selena and they talked for a long time mostly through text. They were very friendly with each other and built up their friendliness with each other again. They are now in a really good place.”

Aw, that's so sweet! We're glad that they're on good terms, especially because they've been friends for such a long time.

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