Obsessed with The 100? There’s more to the fictional universe than The CW’s TV hit. Like Harry Potter and Twilight, the dystopian television show started with a novel series. The TV incarnation is based on the book concept. Not only are the storylines different, but there’s a bunch of other characters the show never even touched on. While you’re waiting for The 100 Season 5 to premiere (which won’t be happening until 2018), it could be fun to read the books and see what happened to the characters originally! Don’t worry: the show has changed so much that spoilers are nonexistent and you’re guaranteed to have a wonderful reading experience.

Is The 100 a book?

If you love The 100, then I have amazing news for you. The 100 isn’t “a book.” It’s four separate books, all by Kass Morgan. (You can pick up the entire book series on Amazon for under $20.) Just like the show, the books follow Clarke Griffin as she is arrested for her parent’s crimes and sent to Earth with 100 other young criminals to see if the land is inhabitable. The first book in the series was published on September 3, 2013, while the first episode of the show premiered on March 19, 2014. However, the pilot pickup was announced before the first novel was published! In May 2013, The CW announced that they ordered the series.

What happens in The 100 book versus The 100 TV show?

One of the major differences between the show and books is how they’re paced. You’ll find that the books take their time, which is perfect if you can’t get enough of Clarke, Octavia, and the rest of the gang. Check out our breakdown of the books:

(Warning: book spoilers ahead!)

What happens in The 100 book?

The first book in the series actually only covers the first few episodes or so of the television show. We see how Clarke, Wells, and Octavia end up in jail and are sent to Earth. While in the show, Clarke and Octavia are innocent, the books put it differently. Clarke is actually guilty of treason and Octavia was arrested for stealing pills. The first book ends right as the group realizes they might not be alone on Earth.

What happens in The 100: Day 21 book?

On the twenty-first day after landing on Earth, the 100 are being attacked by an unknown force. Octavia has gone missing and the group is getting restless. This is where things start to get a little different. It turns out that there’s a group of Earth-bound humans already surviving, but they aren’t the ones who have Octavia. In the show, the Grounders are a tribal people and one of them, Lincoln, is the one who has her. The Grounders don’t know about the colony, whereas the “Earthborn” from the book are fully aware. In the show, Wells dies early in and is replaced with bad-boy Finn, who doesn’t exist in the book. In this book, Wells realizes that he and Bellamy are actually half-brothers. Plus, there’s a love triangle between the two men and Clarke.

What happens in The 100: Homecoming book?

In the previous book, citizens of the space colony have to flee using the drop ships. They finally arrive at the start of The 100: Homecoming. The Vice Chancellor takes control of the colony and threatens to kill Bellamy for treason. A war breaks out between the Earthborn and those following the Vice Chancellor. Even some from his side betray him and join Clarke, Bellamy, and the Earthborn. Eventually, the defeat and capture him.

More colonists arrive and they inform Wells that his father was still in a coma and only had a few hours left before he runs out of air. Clarke finally reunites with her parents and by the end of the book, she and Bellamy are an official couple.

What happens in The 100: Rebellion book?

In the fourth and final book in the series, Clarke is worried that Bellamy is losing it. He swears he’s hearing people in the woods around them. It starts to drive a rift between them until a group called “Protectors” steal several colonists, including Wells and Octavia. Bellamy and Clarke struggle to create a rescue team due to their own relationship issues. They finally get it together and save the colonists. In the end, Bellamy and Clarke reunite and he receives her parent’s blessings to ask her to marry him. Awww!

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This story was originally published on October 21, 2017. it has since been updated with new information.

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