You know Torrey DeVitto from her roles on some of your fave shows, like Pretty Little Liars and The Vampire Diaries, but did you know that she's also an accomplished violinist? After performing at the New Horizons Gala Fundraiser, the actress EXCLUSIVELY opened up to J-14 about her plans to pursue music — and whether or not she's interested in making an album.

"I grew up thinking violin would be my career. I played constantly. Was in the Florida symphony youth orchestra, traveled over to Europe to play, played for weddings and holiday functions for extra money when I was in high school. But, once acting took over, violin became more of a hobby. I would like for it to be more active in my life again," she said.


Even though she's hoping to collaborate with other artists, she says she doesn't want to commit to full-length album unless she has time make it perfect!

"I have plans of doing a YouTube with this singer-songwriter Rebecca Bishop and hopefully if our schedules link, of even accompanying her at some of her shows. I would love to perform again at other functions like I did for New Horizons, but beyond that I don't think I would take it further," she told us.

"The one piece of career advice my father always gave me was 'Don't be a jack of all trades. Pick what you love and get great at it.' He certainly did that. And I would like to do that and continue to do that with acting. So, unless I could take the time to make an album perfect and had the time I wouldn't do it."

Given her rigorous shooting schedule, we completely understand that she doesn't want to throw herself into a project she can't put her whole effort into. But we're excited to listen to that YouTube collaboration!

Did you know that Torrey was such an accomplished musician? Do you think she'll ever release an album? Let us know in the comments!

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