If you're a fan of Netflix's Fuller House and Stuck in the Middle on Disney Channel, then you are no stranger to Isaak Presley. Whether he's acting as Ethan Diaz or Bobby Popko, he's always making us laugh. But what if we told you Isaak almost didn't star as Popko in Fuller House? In fact, the role didn't even originally exist. We caught up with the star, and he exclusively told J-14 all about how he almost played D.J. Tanner's son Jackson.

"This is stuff not a lot of people know. Actually, I got the lead role of Jackson – and I was on another show that was a pilot, and I had to turn down the role. I was destroyed – like destroyed to the fullest because I was like, 'When is another opportunity like this gonna happen again?'" Isaak exclusively told us. "I got a call one day. And they were like, 'Hey, Fuller House wrote you a character. And I was like, 'They wrote me a character…?'"

Excuse us while we're all…

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Popko was written FOR. HIM. So how did the writers get the inspiration for the fedora-wearing, hickey-giving, smooth talking teenager? Full House creator Jeff Franklin told Isaak in the beginning of it all that Popko's personality would be a mix between Kimmy Gibbler and Uncle Jesse. Now while Isaak was all 'that makes no sense' at the time, we think it's totally spot on now that we know the pesky character. He's totally got the "make yourself at home" vibes of Kimmy and the "cool guy" vibes of Jesse.

Isaak explained, "I think it has the chill laid back kinda cool vibe of Uncle Jesse, but also has the quirky weird comments and stuff of Kimmy. It really was cool to get a second opportunity, and now Michael [Campion] is my best friend."

No really, though. They're the closest of pals. Exhibit A…

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See what we mean? So we just had to ask, did Isaak feel the pressure of being on a spin-off of such an iconic '90s show? Turns out, he was!

"When it's just like Michael and I doing a scene, it's not too much pressure because it's just like, you know, fellow young actors. But then, there's these legendary actors and you want to impress them."

Watch the video below to see us chatting all things Fuller House and Stuck in the Middle with the star.

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