Lia is that girl! ITZY‘s main vocalist had a long road to debut but has trained to get where she is now! Keep reading to learn more about the K-pop star, including her age, debut details and more.

Who Is ITZY’s Lia?

Lia was born July 21, 2000, making her a Cancer. While the Korean singer was born in South Korea, she lived in Toronto, Canada, for three years while she was in elementary school. She later attended North London Collegiate School Jeju in South Korea, so she speaks both English and Korean.

As Lia was ITZY’s last member to join, and she had the smallest amount of training. She initially auditioned for SM Entertainment (home to groups like aespa and NCT) and passed but was forced to back out at the last minute due to her parents disapproval. However, several years later, Lia passed JYP auditions where she trained for two years.

Over the years, Lia has expressed she originally felt insecure after debuting with ITZY, and felt unsure about her own skills.

“During ‘Dalla Dalla’, our debut, for example, even if everyone liked us and liked our songs, I would still feel unstable at the time, no matter what – I didn’t relate to the theme and the love,” Lia told Billboard in 2022, before explaining how she’s since changed. “Now, I think it’s more about me feeling that I have a team. I have my fans. I know where I belong.”

Who Are ITZY? Meet the 'Not Shy' K-Pop Girl Group: Members Guide, Debut and More
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Who Are ITZY?

ITZY debuted as a girl group under JYP Entertainment in February 2019, with the release of their album IT’z Different and title track “Dalla Dalla,” which means “Different Different” in Korean. The members include Lia, leader YejiRyujinChaeryeong and Yuna.

Since their debut, ITZY is known for their impressive (and extremely difficult) choreographies, stellar performances and powerhouse stage presence.

“Our members were meant to perform,” Lia told Teen Vogue in August 2022. “Individually, their dance skills are awesome. Even when they were trainees, their dancing skills were great.” Their talents are just limited to dance either. “All the members are really capable in many ways,” Ryujin explained. “We can be a performance group, but we can try anything and have a great result.”

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