They’re ~different~. K-pop girl group ITZY debuted on February 12, 2019, with the release of their album IT’z Different, and they continue to make waves in the K-pop world! The members include leader YejiLiaRyujinChaeryeong and Yuna. Keep reading to see their transformation from debut to now.

Since their explosive debut, the girls have made a name for themselves for their impressive dance performances. From Ryujin’s iconic shoulder dance in “Wannabe” to their iconic dance breaks, the band is one of the biggest powerhouses in the K-pop world. However, that doesn’t come without some prejudice.

“We practice for performances a lot … like a lot,” Ryujin told Billboard in 2022. “And when the audience watches it, people compliment us saying: ‘Your performance looks difficult for a girl group. It looks straining for a girl group. It’s too cool to be a girl group,'” she explained.

“These don’t exactly sound like compliments to me,” the dancer remarked.

“We all know that we have to have that mindset, but we know that it’s really hard when it comes to reality,” Lia told the outlet on facing online criticism.“You try to ignore it. You know it’s wrong. We know that. What haters say or what other people say – we know that they’re not a hundred percent true, but we still get hurt. It’s really not controllable.”

However, that doesn’t change the fact that the girls are extremely talented in their own right. “Our members were meant to perform,” Lia told Teen Vogue in August 2022. “Individually, their dance skills are awesome. Even when they were trainees, their dancing skills were great.”

Their talents aren’t just limited to dance either. “All the members are really capable in many ways,” Ryujin explained. “We can be a performance group, but we can try anything and have a great result.”

When faced with online hate, the girls often lean on one another. “The other members help,” Lia said. “We tell that member: ‘No, don’t listen to that. You’re not like that. We are the ones who know you the best. It’s not them.’ I think that’s really nice because [the haters] are not the ones that know me. I have my close ones here, and they’re telling me that I’m a better person.”

Scroll through the gallery below to see photos of ITZY’s transformation from debut to now.

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