You might be surprised over how many K-pop stars are siblings! From ITZY’s Chaeryeong and soloist Lee Chaeyeon to the entirety of the Huening family (more on them later), keep reading for all the K-pop idols you didn’t realize were siblings!

One of the most well-known sibling pairs in the K-pop world are TXT’s Huening Kai, Kep1er’s Huening Bahiyyih and former VIVA member, Lea. All of the siblings are extremely supportive of one another’s respective careers, and they often post selfies, TikTok challenges and videos together. Most recently, Huening Kai and Lea were spotted at their Bahiyyih’s high school graduation ceremony.

Lea, 23, is the oldest sibling, with Huening Kai being the middle child at 20 years old and Bahiyyih (also known as Hiyyih) is the youngest Huening sibling at 18.

Another set of iconic K-pop siblings are ITZY’s Chaeryeong and her older sister Chaeyeon. Originally, the two siblings trained together under JYP Entertainment, and they both competed in the JYP reality survival show, Sixteen, which ultimately created the girl group TWICE in 2015. Both the sisters were eliminated, and Chaeyeon decided to leave JYP and join WM Entertainment following Sixteen.

Chaeyeon then went on to another survival reality show called Produce 48, which she finished in 12th place, successfully earning her a spot in girl group IZ*ONE. After IZ*ONE disbanded in 2021, the K-pop star went on to debut as a solo artist with her debut extended play, Hush Rush, in October 2021.

As for Chaeryeong, the singer-dancer went on to debut with JYP’s girl group ITZY in 2019. The two sisters often post photos of one another and support one another’s careers via social media.

During a press showcase for ITZY’s first mini album IT’z ICY, Chaeryeong spoke a little bit about her older sister, who was promiting with IZ *ONE at the time.

“It also makes me happy to watch her promoting with IZ*ONE. Rather than being rivals, we are senior-juniors of the industry and family who support one another,” she shared. “We can’t meet often, so we keep in contact to cheer each other on. I want to tell her to gain strength and have confidence.”

Scroll through our gallery below for an entire list of the most iconic sibling duos in the K-pop industry.

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