He's toured with the Jonas Brothers, starred in the romantic classic The Princess Diaries (yup, he was Michael Moscovitz!), and been on the road non-stop with his longtime band he formed in high school, Rooney. And now Rooney lead singer Robert Schwartzman (also known as Bobby) is taking on a brand new role as J-14's first-ever Sweet Tooth Blogger.

While Rooney's traveling the country on their North American headlining tour in support of their new album Eureka, Robert is scouting out the best spots for desserts (yes, it was his idea — how sweet…. literally!)… and rating them with his exclusive BST (Bobby Sweet Tooth) rating.

First up, the band plays tonight at the The Vaudeville Mews in Des Moines, Iowa… and here's the local dessert place that caught Bobby's attention…

Place: Des Moines, Iowa

Bakery/restaurant: Ritual Café

Sweet Type: Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk

Description: Vegan, Hemp Nut. Not your typical chocolate chip oatmeal cookie; it's rough around the edges, got a bumpy exterior… like a the surface of a distant planet.

Texture: It has the right amount of break. Not too hard, not too soft. It's very chewy, but not doughy. The oatmeal gives it more character, more pizazz. The chocolate chunks aren't bitter or too intense; they sit really well in the mix. I can't tell what the hemp nut is doing, but I'm assuming it's helping in some way. Whatever is happening with this cookie, Bobby likey.

B.S.T. (Bobby Sweet Tooth) Rating: 8.5

Comments: I'm very satisfied with this cookie. I highly recommend you get one if you're passing through Des Moines. We have a show tonight down the road, so I might have to grab another one before we take off. I'm usually pretty tough on vegan desserts cause they can be hit or miss. One of my favorite bakeries is Baby Cakes in NYC, which really knows how to make special baked good. I could see the Ritual Café Oatmeal Chocolate Chunk Vegan Hemp Nut cookie being sold at Baby Cakes. Maybe the Ritual Café will mail you some if you want.

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