J-14 recently sat down with Justin Bieber's personal DJ and concert opener, DJ Tay James who exclusively shared with us how he got his start DJing and what it's really like to be on tour with Justin!

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J-14: When did you realize that DJing was your passion?
DJ Tay James:
Probably when I was 12. I remember my dad sitting me down making me listen to new music. I just remember having that love for it. My dad got me a pair of turntables for Christmas, and it took off from there. I was DJing parties for free for my sister, just doing whatever I could do. From there I was able to work with other popular DJs in the area. When I went to college, that's when it got crazier.

J-14: When did you get the call about being Justin's personal DJ?
My partner said you need to go watch this new kid, his name is Justin Bieber and it was of him playing "So Sick" on the guitar. He was about to blow up. And then a week later I get the call.

J-14: Wow! What's the best advice Justin Bieber has given you?
: His best advice he gave me is to "never say never." It's the honest truth. He came from performing for 300 people to selling out Madison Square Garden. And I was there for both. Honestly, it's all been me learning from him. Justin Bieber's loyalty to his crew is really strong.

J-14: What's the craziest fan encounter you've seen?
We were in Norway driving to do sound check, there were so many fans around that the car just stopped moving. The car was shaking, and this time a girl actually runs and she jumped, I don't know how she caught on, but she jumped and the back door just swings right open!

J-14: What can the fans expect from the 'Believe' tour this fall?
The tour for this album is going to be a transitional tour. From what I'm hearing it's going to be amazing. My World was so crazy and this one is going to be crazier. I can't wait!

Check out DJ Tay James hanging with Justin in the video below!

By: Rachel Cooperstein

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