Before his big day, Justin Bieber chatted with J-14 about what he had planned for his 16th birthday, and the singer had a few things on his mind: family, friends — and driving!

Even though his friends and fam live in Canada, Atlanta, and everywhere in between, Justin gets his #1 wish for his birthday: to have all of them together! "To me, the tradition is spending time with my family," Justin tells us. "Aside from the cake!"

Like any 15-going-on-16-year-old guy, Justin can't wait to get behind the wheel for real! "I'll just be really happy to drive," he spills to J-14. What's the singer's first stop after he gets his license? "I'll probably go get something to eat or go pick up my friends," Justin says. He admits that driving will be the best part about turning 16, but adds, "I think I'll just be happy to be 16. It's a cool age!"

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Photo: Robert Milazzo

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