J-14: Were you familiar with the original Fame before you became a part of this one?

Kay Panabaker: Kind of. I didn't watch it until I was being considered for the part. I was actually the first person to be cast for this, so I was really excited about that.

Asher Book: And I was the last one to be cast!

Kay: But when I did the screen tests reading the script with Asher, our chemistry was instantaneous. We just got each other and we got the humor. We were constantly goofing off.

J-14: How do you think this movie compares to the other musicals out there like High School Musical and Hairspray?

Asher: I think this shows the more emotional side of what people go through — it's about the more emotional side of relationships and the more emotional side of the downfalls of trying to achieve your goals in music and dance. It's not as easy as what people sometimes make it out to be.

Kay: This is different from High School Musical in the sense that they show a bubbly happy version and in our movie every character goes through some heartache or some struggle.

J-14: What can you tell us about the music in the film?

Kay: There's this song that Asher sings that takes my breath away. It's called "Try," and it's a ballad. It's beautiful and he plays the piano while singing it – literally girls will be playing this on their iPods on repeat because it's so pretty.

J-14: Was your own high school experience as dramatic as the film?

Asher: I actually went to this school we're filming at — in performing arts schools, there are all kinds of talents walking through the hallways so you never know what you are going to find. But there were definitely those people that were singing in the hallway.

J-14:For all of the teens out there today who have never seen the original Fame, why should they go and see this movie?

Kay: Because it's their story. It's about following your dreams. And also, this generation is all about YouTube and that instantaneous fame and the movie shows that if you want long-term success than you have to put the work into it.

Asher: All of the artists out there will appreciate this movie. But I think everyone young and old will enjoy it too because it has that edgy appeal to it and I think there are so many more aspects to the movie that will really attract people of all ages.

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