You know Roshon Fegan from his starring roles in Camp Rock and on Disney's hit show Shake It Up, but he's also proven that he's a force to be reckoned with on the current season of Dancing With the Stars — all while releasing his debut EP! We caught up with Roshon between dance practices to talk all about his best DWTS performances, what we can expect to see this season on Shake It Up, and all of his celeb BFFs who support him!

J-14: What has been your favorite performance so far on Dancing with the Stars?
Roshon Fegan: I really liked my samba. I also got to do a great tribute to Michael Jackson and wear a wig and everything. That was a lot of fun!

J-14: Have any of your celeb friends come out to support you on DWTS?
Britney [Spears] came out with her fiancé Jason Trawick. Jason is a great supporter and friend of mine.He said he was going to bring his fiancé, but I forgot that his fiancé was Britney! She even Tweeted about it after the performance. Bella [Thorne] and Zendaya [Coleman] came the first week and former co-star Demi [Lovato] are definitely still close friends and support each other. I just talked to her not that long ago!

J-14: If you could do a dance routine to any song, what song would you choose?
It would definitely have to be a really cool upbeat song. I'd love to do one of my own [songs] as well. It's always good when you dance to one of your own tracks. I would definitely be up for that.

J-14: You recently released your EP, I Am Ro·Shon. Tell us about what we can expect to hear on it!
It was something I wanted to put together for my fans. It's only two songs, but these are two songs I put a lot of work into on the production side. Those are two songs I really dug at the time, but my style has changed so much since then — it's crazy. It keeps changing and changing, but I my sound is really mixes all genres. I love pop, hip-hop, R&B, and there's also a little funk and soul in there.

J-14: And even after DWTS, all of your fans can see you on Shake It Up! Can you give us any spoilers?
Roshon: We've got the big Japan episode coming up, so that's going to be great. We're evolving as a cast and as a show. We're definitely going to be [going] a little deeper with our storylines. We're warming up more to our characters every season — it just keeps getting better!

Photo: Courtesy of Jon Santana
By: Paige Brinton

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