Admit it — you think your crush is totally adorable, right? (We do too, so don't be scared to 'fess up!). But on March 4, comes the Beauty and the Beast-inspired movie Beastly, which will challenge your entire idea of what truly makes someone attractive.

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J-14 spoke exclusively to Beastly star Vanessa Hudgens in her first-ever iChat video interview about what it was like to fall in love with a "Beast," played by Alex Pettyfer.

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Vanessa's first reaction to Alex's "Beast" makeup:
"It was weird. It was so weird. I was used to his long blonde hair and then it was all gone and it was like, 'Oh, hi!' It was like meeting a person all over again for the first time. He really embraced the character and transformed the way he carried himself."

Vanessa's thoughts while filming the romantic scenes with a "Beast":
"It was fascinating. It was really beautiful. Stripping a person of everything they rely on and having them find themselves is a really interesting thing, so I quite enjoyed it. I thought it was really sweet."

Why Vanessa took this role:
"I definitely challenged myself and it was surprisingly harder than I thought it would be playing out all my awkward moments. I wasn't particularly an awkward kid, I was more of a shy kid, so playing with that was a lot of fun. It was a blast."


Will you see Beastly in theaters?

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