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At the risk of sounding super lame, bring a box of Kleenex to see Toy Story 3. Seriously.

I've always enjoyed the Toy Story movies, but it was never the kind of film I had to see right away. When I saw the preview for the third installment – and saw the fear the toys had now that Andy was going off to college, it intrigued me and I had to know the fate of Buzz Lightyear and Woody! So I figured it would be a light-hearted and fun movie to check out.

Boy was I wrong. The movie was an emotional roller coaster — each plot twist was more dramatic than the next! The toys thought they were retiring to the attic. The toys thought they were saved to the day care. The day care turned out to be a prison. The toys tried to get back to the attic. The toys ended up in a dumpster and headed to their demise… EEKS!

I've given away enough already, so I'll stop there, but I'll admit I let out a few screams and shrieks — who knew an animated film in 3D would be so dramatic… in the very best way possible. And the end is so emotional that I definitely had tears in my eyes (thank goodness I was wearing the 3D glasses to cover them — ha!).

And when I got home from the screening, what was the first thing I did? Rescue my longtime favorite stuffed animal, my Care Bear Cheer Bear, who had "retired" to my closet. I realized all the tough times she's gotten me through over the years — she's always been that one (inanimate) friend who's just sat there with a smile. And at the risk of sounding even cheesier, Toy Story 3 reminded me of the importance of having those tried-and-true toys in our lives who allow us to escape reality for a bit and put a smile on our faces.

My Cheer Bear (aka "Cheery") is now sitting proudly on top of my bed where she's sat for so many years… and it's all thanks to Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and the whole toy gang.

So for action, adventure, laughs, smiles, and tears, head to the theater this weekend to check out Toy Story 3… and you just might reconnect with an old friend. 🙂

Now that I've spilled my secret about my old stuffed animal, I want to know — did you have a favorite stuffed animal growing up? What was its name and where is it now?

Can't wait to hear from you!
J-14 Editor

Photo: Courtesy of Disney/Pixar

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