Big Time Rush was in Bloomington, MN, this weekend to not only perform at the Mall of America but to have a meet and greet with their fans too — and J-14 was there with them!

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Over 9,000 screaming fans packed into four floors of the mall, cheering loudly for Big Time Rush. The guys performed their songs "Famous," "'Til I Forget About You," "City Is Ours," and "Big Time Rush," during the main set and then came back out for a surprise encore of "Big Night." Their energetic set didn't just include singing and awesome dance moves — the guys did cartwheels too. After their performance, BTR waved to all of their fans and threw towels out into the audience for four lucky people to catch. Earlier in the day, BTR told us that "City Is Ours" is getting the best reaction so far — and we definitely saw that during their performance. "We were blown away," James Maslow tells J-14.

After a short break, BTR went back on stage, this time to sign autographs for 700 fans! It sounds like a lot, but the boys love the meet and greets they get to do on this mall tour. "We're sitting there for a while and we get to meet thousands of fans that we knew were out there but didn't know personally," James says. "It's cool to get that personal aspect to it because we really do love them all." Kendall Schmidt agrees, telling us, "My favorite thing about the tour is people watching. I saw some really awesome eyes — one girl had like neon green eyes! It was crazy!"

But don't think the fans did all of the screaming on Saturday — before leaving the Mall of America, the guys hit up the amusement park rides! They rode on the SpongeBob SquarePants Rock Bottom Plunge roller coaster twice and did a loop on Avatar Airbender, a half-pipe roller coaster. "It was cool!" Logan Henderson told us when it was all over.

Big Time Rush told us they had a great time at the Mall of America, so be sure to check out J-14's exclusive video from the day here:

What's your fave Big Time Rush song?

Photo: Emily Krauser

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