J-14's May/June issue hits newsstands Monday, April 26 with exclusive love secrets on your fave stars (including the deets on Justin's very first crush!) from the people who know them best — their moms!

J-14 is the #1 source for all the news on hot couple Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato! In this issue, find out how Joe saved Demi and why she's smiling now!

Justin Bieber battles rejection – are all the haters taking a toll on the singer? Bonus: win prizes Justin signed just for you!

Is Taylor Lautner being judged for all the wrong reasons? We've got all the insider dish on why this hottie is struggling to be seen as more than just a body.

Selena Gomez fights back! J-14 explores how the newly single star is getting over Nick. Plus, you'll never believe what she does to make her exes jealous!

Lady Gaga 360º! We've got the scoop on every angle of the superstar — with childhood pics, the dish on her love life, friends, wild hairdos, and crazy fashion!

Is Miley going to dump Liam for Nick? Miley's love life has been full of conflict — is she now torn between her current BF and her ex? Bonus: Pick up the May/June issue to get the download code for a J-14 exclusive Miley Cyrus voicemail!

Breast cancer at 13 — find out how one J-14 reader overcame the shock of her life.

And, of course, we have tons of awesome quizzes (What does your Facebook page say about you?), truth or dare, embarrassing moments, beauty, fashion, tons of prizes and a trip to the American Idol finale, glossy posters of Ke$ha, Taylor Lautner, David Archuleta, an exclusive double poster of Justin Bieber, and so much more!

The May/June issue of J-14 hits newsstands Monday, April 26!

The Editors of J-14

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