More to the story? Fans are hoping to see more of Charlie (Joe Locke) and Nick’s (Kit Connor) love in a possible third season of Netflix’s Heartstopper.

“It would probably be four seasons to cover the full story,” Alice Oserman, who wrote the original Heartstopper webcomics told Radio Times in April 2022. “I haven’t done any in-detail planning or anything, but it’s quite easy to divide up the books into seasons, so four I think would do it.”

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Will ‘Heartstopper’ Return for a Season 3?

Yes, Netflix announced in May 2022 that the show would return for a second and third season. Season 2 of the show dropped on the streaming service in August 2023.

“We put so much love into the making of Heartstopper, so to reassemble the team for two more seasons is a dream come true,” executive producer Patrick Walters told Netflix’s TUDUM in May 2022. “I’m forever grateful to Alice Oseman for entrusting us with this beautiful, unique story that at its core seeks to uplift the next generation of young LGBTQ+ people. Stay tuned!”

How Did ‘Heartstopper’ Season 2 End?

Nick officially came out on Instagram, revealing that he and Charlie were boyfriends. Naturally, they went to prom together with all their friends, some of which are also dealing with their burgeoning relationships. Plus, the duo almost revealed that they’re in love with each other before being cut off by Nick’s parents returning home.

“Charlie is probably the most confident character in the show. I’ve learned a lot about confidence from him,” Joe told Netflix’s TUDUM in August 2023, about his character. “About the different types of confidence, and how you don’t always need to be an outwardly extra confident person to be confident in who you are, and believe in staying true to your morals.”

When Will ‘Heartstopper’ Season 3 Premiere?

Netflix announced Heartsopper season 3 will be released in October 2024.

“I hope that it just makes people smile and brightens their day — but I also hope that it inspires, particularly, young queer people to believe that they can find happiness and find romance and find friendship,” Alice told TUDUM of the series.

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