A real life friendship? Heartstopper is Joe Locke’s first-ever acting gig, so back when he auditioned for the role of Charlie, having his future Nick, Kit Connor, there with him made all the difference. While it’s obvious to viewers that Joe makes the perfect Charlie, for him, it all came down to Kit’s help and a bit of luck.

“Kit was aware I had no idea what I was doing. And so he made me feel at ease,” Joe recalled of his Netflix audition while chatting with British GQ in February 2023. “I think I got off easy. I just managed to get the first part I auditioned for.”

Keep reading for details on Joe and Kit’s real-life friendship. 

Are ‘Heartstopper’ Stars Joe Locke and Kit Connor Friends in Real Life?

Yes, the pair are “very good friends,” Kit confirmed during an interview with Digital Spy in May 2022, discussing the actors’ more intimate scenes on set.

“We’re very close. So that helps,” the Rocketman actor added. “But it’s so invaluable to have an intimacy coordinator right there, sort of giving you that extra blanket. A comfort blanket, he says. Just to give us that extra kind of protection and comfort and general safety.”

Kit Connor Joe Locke
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Thankfully, the co-stars have each other on this whirlwind rise to fame.

“Joe’s really been such a lifesaver in so many ways for me; as a support system and a friend to go through everything with,” Kit told British GQ. Joe added, “I’ve tried to do the same for him. I don’t think Kit really understands what an incredible person he is.”

Are ‘Heartstopper’ Stars Joe Locke and Kit Connor Dating in Real Life?

While fans of the show “ship” the duo offscreen, they’re nothing more than friends.

“Joe and I are very close, we are comfortable at a point in our relationship where we can take the mick out of each other, that’s the main element of our friendship,” Kit told Untitled Magazine in May 2022. “We just have fun; we feel very at ease with each other. When you spend so much time together on set — most of my scenes were with Joe — it did mean we very quickly got on together. It was a good thing that it did happen as it would’ve been very difficult to portray that relationship if we weren’t as close as we are.”

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