For today's exclusive J-14 New Moon special, we met up with Peter Facinelli and chatted with him about being the father figure of the Cullen clan.

J-14 Exclusive Interview: Peter Facinelli Chats About Being Papa Cullen

J-14: Is it weird that you're playing Rob Pattinson, Jackson Rathbone, and Kellan Lutz's "dad"?

Peter Facinelli: I'm only like 10 years older than them, but when 15-year-olds are screaming for them, it makes me feel like I'm 350 years old.

J-14: Do you ever give them fatherly advice?

Peter: I don't think you could ever give them advice for that kind of stuff. Stay away. Don't go to jail.

J-14: Do fans treat you differently?

Peter: The [fans] have actually been really nice to me because I think with Carlisle they're more respectful. Except for the moms. The 15-year-olds are really respectful — they don't mob me like they mob Rob. But then the moms come out…

J-14: Are your kids really into Twilight? Are they too young?

Peter: No, my oldest is 12. It was kind of nice that she got to go on this little journey with me because she read the books. She was a fan of the books, so she got to come down to the set. Before that, I've always done the kind of movies that were for mature audiences, so she never really got to see what I do. It was nice that she was part of it.

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Photos: Courtesy of Summit Entertainment

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