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For today's exclusive J-14 New Moon special, Nikki Reed dished with us on how she really feels about Bella — from Rosalie's perspective, and her own!

J-14 exclusive interview: Nikki Reed Dishes On Bella

J-14: Some fans of the books think that Bella comes off as depressed and is almost seen as weak because she's lost without her guy in New Moon. How do you feel about that?

Nikki Reed: I think that's what makes Bella so appealing though, is that everyone can relate to that time. I mean, if we're going to associate her with, like, a completely healthy woman then I would have a lot to say about Bella — but she's a kid. She's a kid and we forget because Stephenie [Meyer] has created such an adult relationship between Bella and Edward. You forget that Bella is still just a kid who lives with her dad, who's very opinionated and very self righteous in a certain sense, but she still needs guidance. This is just her perspective, you know what I mean?

J-14: And by the end of this Twilight chapter, Bella is getting ready to consider marriage. Do you agree with that as her "sibling?"

Nikki: I mean, absolutely not. Am I speaking as Rosalie or Nikki?

J-14: Both!

Nikki: I think the beauty is that this is Stephenie Meyer's world. She created this so it's sort of like, anything goes! Do I think people should be getting married at 18 or 19-years-old? I don't know. It's really not for me to say. I'm not married. No one at this table that I'm sitting with [that would be Jackson Rathbone and Kellan Lutz] is married but I guess you never know what happens tomorrow.

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