J-14 totally gets it… we love Rob Pattinson and want nothing more than to see him up close and personal. But with the immediacy of the web these days (especially real-time updates on sites like Twitter), the level of fan frenzy has been taken to a whole new level.

Twilight and Rob fans now have the chance to know where he is at all times — giving everyone a new way to get to know their favorite star. But fans have been rushing out to these locations in masses, often causing security issues.

And just hours ago, Rob was grazed in the hip by a New York City cab as he was trying to escape from a huge group of fans. He had five bodyguards with him… yet, still ended up having a close call.

J-14 is all about reporting the latest Rob news as soon as we hear it, but we will never give you the exact location for security reasons. (Case in point: We once knew the exact spot Rob was at near a park in New York City, but instead of naming the exact park, we said he was at at "a park"… and there are 1,700 parks in New York.)

So please sign this electronic petition below to Protect Rob Pattinson! We know, we wish we could spend every moment with Rob — and knowing where he is at all times definitely makes it feel that way… but there is a point where it goes too far.

Let's all bond together to protect Rob. It's cool to report where he is and what he's doing — but only to a certain point. Be careful what details you give out… and if you do end up going to try to catch a glimpse of Rob, be respectful of his privacy and security.

Edward Cullen saved Bella Swan from an almost tragic car accident, and now J-14 wants to ban all of the Twilight and Rob fans together to do it for Rob.

Keep Rob Pattinson safe! Spread the word… RT… forward to your friends… this is the kind of message we need to be spreading online. For Rob's sake.

Comment below to "sign" this petition to Protect Rob Pattinson.

Photos: Courtesy of Summit Entertainment

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