The Korean pop group Girls' Generation released their YouTube video "The Boys" — and it already has over 13 million views! All nine girls also sat down with J-14 to talk music, performing at Madison Square Garden, and stage fright.

J-14: Tell us a little bit about yourselves and your music.
Girls' Generation:
There are nine of us and we're going in to our fifth year as a team. We do a wide variety of music — lots of energetic and upbeat dance music. We have happy, cheery songs, and ballads as well. We also have impeccable choreography — we practice a lot and we're definitely a team to check out and watch onstage.

J-14: What inspires you musically?
Girls' Generation:
We tend to put in our feelings and emotions to everything we get. They just come from our everyday lives. And music-wise, becoming a singer, we've been preparing for this from such a young age, so it's always been somewhere we wanted to be.

J-14: You just performed at Madison Square Garden! What was that like?
Girls' Generation:
This is our first time in New York and we started it off performing there! Madison Square Garden is famous for artists like Michael Jackson, so it was very exciting.

J-14: What's your favorite thing about performing?
Girls' Generation:
We just finished our nation-wide tour in Japan and a tour like that is something we've always wanted to do. Since we all speak different languages, it was amazing to see all the fans connect despite language barriers.

J-14: Have any of you ever dealt with stage fright?
Girls' Generation:
We do tend to get a little bit nervous, but it keeps us in sync and helps us showcase all the things we practice. Being nervous is actually a thrill — it keeps the show exciting!

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