Name: Justin Bieber

Age: 16

Where to see him: Currently, dominating the world. (And your ears!)

Why we love him: He's cute, he's sweet, and let's admit it — his songs are all we blast from our iPods. How could we NOT love him is the real question. This cutie wasted no time in stealing the limelight and dominating the pop charts last year with his hit single, "One Time", and now with the highly anticipated release of My World 2.0, it doesn't seem like he's going to be going anywhere anytime soon! (We sure hope not!)

He talks about…his songs: "I've got a lot of love songs. I have a lot of variations of songs, a lot about love, and then there are songs about real life stuff like when my parents split up at a young age. There's songs on there that describe how I was feeling, just stuff that teens can relate to that are working with divorce and stuff."

Now we want to hear from YOU, J-14ers! Do you think Justin is HOT or NOT? Let us know in the comments below!

Photo: Robert Milazzo

By: Nicole Mazza

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