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Hey J-14er! It's Tierney, the intern, with your fifth and final day of exclusive scoop on the Twilight DVD special features! We're just hours away from the release. Remember, the cast is going to be making surprise visits to some of the midnight DVD release parties TONIGHT so you should definitely attend one near you! The last special feature we are going to dish about is the 7-part documentary all about the making of Twilight, called "The Adventure Begins!"


I loved this special feature because it really gave you an intimate look at how the cast and crew took Twilight from the pages to the big screen! It also had interviews with the cast and crew who talked about how they filmed certain scenes like the vampire baseball scene where they attached the actors to strings to make them look like they were running faster! Poor Rob complained that it hurt a lot and that he was probably going to have scars! At least the scene looked amazing though, right?


The first portion of the interview gave the backstory on how Stephenie Meyer thought of the idea to write Twilight. Did you know the novel was based off a dream she had about Bella and Edward?! Her dream was the meadow scene, one of the most pivotal parts in their relationship and my favorite part of the book!


It was awesome to see some of the behind-the-scenes footage of all the actors! One my favorite parts was when they were filming Rob and Kristen walking into prom and Rob just started whistling out of nowhere! It was so weird but so cute! Another part that was pretty hilarious was Kristen trying to get out of the red truck and the door wouldn't open! Her face was priceless!


You also get to see Jackson play guitar for a little bit! He is such a cool guy and this documentary actually made me develop a little bit of a crush on him! Don't worry Rob, you're still my favorite! Rob actually falls at least twice in this documentary (uh, is he trying to be Joe Jonas?!)! My favorite fall was when they were doing the slow dance at the prom. He was just standing around with Catherine Hardwicke and fell! Unfortunately, Kristen wasn't around to see it happen!


In this special feature, you also got to see how they filmed a lot of the action sequences, like the fight between Edward and James at the end of the movie. It was interesting to see because when you are watching a movie, you never realize all the work that goes into it!  You also get to see how they filmed the vampire baseball scene. Did you know Ashley Greene had never thrown a baseball in her life before Twilight?! She looked like such a pro in the film. My favorite part of this scene though was one of Rob's trademark beanies made an appearance! When they were rehearsing the scene, he was wearing a blue one!


This documentary is perfect for any Twilight fan! You get to see a lot of behind the scenes footage and get to hear from the actors. I didn't want to give too much away but there is a funny part where it took Rob 13 takes to catch the apple in the cafeteria scene! Him and Kristen were having so much fun and laughing like crazy! So cute!


So I want to hear from YOU. What are you most looking forward to in New Moon?


I'm most looking forward to seeing the Volturi in Italy! I cannot wait to see Dakota Fanning as Jane! I wonder who they will cast as her brother Alec? Anyone else think HSM cutie Lucas Graabel would be totally perfect?!


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