Now that you know how lovable and talented the boys of One Direction are — get ready to fall in love with their goofy (and even more lovable) side in this behind-the-scenes video of their "One Thing" music video shoot filmed all around London.

SEE IT: J-14 Video: One Direction's "One Thing"

Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are just as tight in real life as they appear to be in their videos — and this behind-the-scenes video is proof of how much fun the guys have together.

J-14's Top 14 Moments from Behind-the-Scenes of One Direction's "One Thing":
1- Harry sleeping. Aww, too precious! (0:05 & 2:37)
2- Zayn and Louis' fencing dual with umbrellas. (0:28)
3- Niall screaming as he rides his bike down the hill. (0:37)
4- Zayn rocking his mustache! (1:00)
5- Louis throwing the hat onto Harry's head — and missing! Oops! (1:03)
6- Louis shouting, "I love big red bus!" (1:08)
7- Whatever you call what Louis is doing while Harry's singing. (2:31)
8- Liam's surprised expression when Zayn plants a kiss on his cheek. (2:41)
9- Liam fainting after Zayn's kiss! (Yes, this deserved a separate spot.) (2:44)
10- Louis and Liam's "I'm Cold" jingle. (2:56)
11- Liam rolling onto a napping Harry. (3:05)
12- Liam (fake) punching Louis in the face. (3:13)
13- The girls who found 1D from their Tweet. (We're super jealous!) (3:31)
14- Louis and the guys' good day cheer,"We just got to really be ourselves and have loads of fun, so it's been a good, a really good day. We love good days!" (3:53)

Watch Behind-the-Scenes of One Direction's "One Thing":

What's your favorite behind-the-scenes moment from One DIrection's "One Thing" video?

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