Jace Norman has officially done the unthinkable. We are actually not quite sure we can forgive him for this. The Henry Danger actor was recently in the presence of actor Phill Lewis, who, TBH, will always and forever be Mr. Moseby from The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, and he played a prank on him. Can you even believe that?

Jace ran into Phill at the Clippers basketball game in Los Angeles, and he pulled him in for a selfie WITHOUT TELLING HIM HE WAS RECORDING A VIDEO. Phill looked so betrayed when he realized that it was all recording, and Jace just stood back and laughed.

THE SNUB, THOUGH. Jace, is that the way you treat a national treasure?

mr moseby

Clearly we're kidding, and this was all in good jest. We're fascinated (and jealous) that Jace is just running into beloved television characters everywhere he goes. Who knew Henry and Mr. Moseby root for the same basketball team?

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Jace documented this fun encounter even further – plus more behind-the-scenes moments from his day shooting Season 4 of Henry Danger in his latest vlog. It looks like we can expect even more super stunts on the Nickelodeon series – even though Jace couldn't reveal too much of what's ahead. So if you need to see even more of this glorious moment and more, we recommend checking out his video below.

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