Jack Johnson, of the group Jack and Jack, has always stayed pretty low key when it comes to the girls in his life. His bestie, Jack Gilinsky on the other hand, is super public with his girlfriend Madison Beer. But, just because Jack J doesn't flaunt it as much as Jack G doesn't mean a lucky lady hasn't stolen his heart.

Back in March, he was seen kissing Claudia Tihan in the background of a Snapchat. The group were with friends on a vacation in Mexico and literally no one knew Jack J was even in a relationship before the Snapchat went viral. The kiss was quick but it was definitely on the lips and fans came to the conclusion that these two had to be dating. This all went down about three months ago.

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Just recently though, social media is convinced that Jack and Claudia have called it quits. After a series of cryptic tweets, it seems like there was some tension between the two.

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Jack tweeted, "@ me b-tch." And then again saying, "starting to realize my worth more and more every day. I can finally see my true potential. Only progress, no peaks!"


While that seems a bit odd, Claudia tweeted out some questionable words as well. She said, "your loss." She continued and said, "people be jumping to conclusions… can y'all stop taking my tweets f-cking serious. i can tweet about how happy i am but truly i am sad."

jj 2

Hmm…the whole thing is super confusing partly because their relationship has been kept super under the radar. To be honest, these two could have broken up weeks before now and we just never knew. But, Claudia does say that we shouldn't take her tweets too seriously. Fans who have commented back believe she said that because of the break-up rumors.

Of course, she could be sad for something completely separate. And she could be directing her tweets at someone completely different than Jack. Right now, shippers and the entire fandom are stumped on this one.

Only time will tell if either of them makes a statement that things are totally dunzo or they post a cute photo together to confirm that there's no trouble in paradise.

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