Remember Jack Gilinsky?! The social media star is most well-known for his rise to fame from his vine account Jack & Jack along with Jack Johnson. Now, the young celeb is going to be a father with girlfriend Geneva Natalia! Keep reading to discover more on Geneva.

Who Is Geneva Natalia?

Geneva, 23, is a model represented by Two Management and affiliated with the brand Happiness. She has traveled all over the US for modeling campaigns and started her modeling career in her teen years. She has since been featured in magazines like Flaunt, a lifestyle publication based out of Los Angeles.

It’s unclear when Jack and Geneva originally first started dating, but the first Instagram post of the two appeared on Geneva’s account on September 25, 2022. “Happy 25th birthday baby <33 thank u for doing a 180 on my life,” she captioned the post. “U keep my heart beating. I love u more than the stars in the sky & beyond. let’s live happy forever.”

Jack first posted an Instagram picture of his girlfriend for her birthday on March 11, 2022. He wrote, “happy 23rd to the sweetest girl in da 🌎!!! u make me smile so big every day. i love you with my whole heart. thank u for being in my life!”

Who Has Jack Gilinsky Dated?

Prior to Geneva, Jack has been with a lot of famous ladies in the past! Shortly after becoming famous on Vine, he made headlines for his relationship with singer-songwriter Madison Beer from 2015 to 2017. The “Wild Life” singer has also been romantically linked to YouTuber Andrea Russett and social media influencer Tianna Mussara.

Are Jack Gilinsky and Geneva Natalia Having a Baby?

Jack and his girlfriend shared the news in a joint Instagram post on August 5, 2022, which featured a compilation video of her growing baby bump, doctor office visits, them telling friends and family and finding out that it’s going to be a little girl. The couple originally deleted the post before republishing it on the same day.

Shortly after the news, fans of Jack immediately took their reactions to Twitter. “jack gilinsky having a baby wasn’t on my bingo card for 2022,” said one fan. Another wrote, “Jack Gilinsky is going to be a dad, so give me one good reason not to cry and question my entire life while listening to Paradise (Never Change).” 

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