Jack Gilinsky just got arrested at the airport, and his best friend Jack Johnson was able to capture every moment of the situation on his Snapchat. Although it is a serious situation, little Jack made jokes about it while watching his friend be handcuffed and arrested by the airport police.

In one of the many posts he shared on the social media app, he wrote in the caption that the Jack & Jack member had stolen "a sweater or something idk."

He then shared a video a the Los Angeles police department station, of himself chanting #FreeGilinsky which is a hashtag that now fans are sharing on Twitter to talk about the situation.

Other celebrities are chiming in, but there is no confirmation of what actually happened or if it's for a music video or something of the sort. Jack J seemed very upset that it was all an accident and that the manager would not accept a payment for the sweatshirt even after they offered to pay triple the original price.

Yikes! This seems like a sticky situation to be in and it does not seem like Jack G could not afford to pay for it so it is unclear why he attempted to shoplift this sweater. Shoplifting is a serious crime and we hope that things are resolved promptly.

We've reached out to Jack & Jack's reps for comment, and will be reporting more on this as more details come out.

Look through the gallery to see pics that prove Jack & Jack have always had each other's backs, and tell us what you think about this in the comments!

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