Jack and Jack's Jack Gilinsky confirmed that he's dating Madison Beer while walking the red carpet at the 2015 Radio Disney Music Awards! Fans have been speculating that they're a couple for a few months, but he cleared up the relationship reports for good.

When the interviewer Chris Trondsen brought up his rumored girlfriend (and all the drama with fans being upset about their relationship), he confirmed that they're definitely a couple.


“[The fans are] mad, I agree. You know, I haven’t been so open about it, but I don’t know if I’m totally ready to talk about it right now. But I feel bad because I’ve kept it in a lot. But, I mean, it is what it is. I’m sorry to anyone that is mad about it. I guess," he said.

While he wants to keep their romance under wraps, his fellow bandmate seems really supportive of their relationship!

"It’s kind of a nuisance just seeing everybody hating on him, when it’s just these two kids that like each other. And it’s no big deal – you know what I’m sayin’?” Jack Johnson said.

That's definitely a good point! And it seems like they're really happy together.

Do you think they make a cute couple? Did you know they were dating? Sound off in the comments!

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