Over the weekend, some very disturbing and explicit audio of what appears to be Jack Gilinsky and Madison Beer having an argument while they were still a couple, at an unknown party was leaked onto the internet.

As of now the source of the leak is unknown, but in the extremely disturbing clip that has surfaced, someone who sounds like Jack can be heard verbally attacking a voice that sounds quite a lot like Madison’s throughout. At one point, the male voice even calls the other “Madison” and uses quite a bit of derogatory and offensive language when referencing her directly.

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At one point, she lashes back at by telling him, “you're not my boyfriend anymore.”

She then repeatedly tells him to, “go away.”

The things you're saying to your girlfriend are like, out of control,” the voice that is allegedly Madison continued to say throughout the audio.

Her words don’t stop the voice that is allegedly Jack’s says, “You're not my girlfriend, Madison, so why are you saying that? When I turn on the music, what made you say 'hey yo this dude's got sh— music'?"

He even says at another point, “what made you say that? Imagine if you never said that? What would be happening right now?"

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This is all extremely upsetting, and fans have rightfully so been outraged by this entire ordeal. They were even able to get #jackgilinskyisoverparty trending on Twitter the very moment the audio surfaced, and have been sending out messages of support to the "Dead" singer in the wake of all this.

As of now, neither Jack nor Madison have come out and made a public comment or statement on the validity of the leaked audio. Instead, both have remained silent on all forms of social media for the past few days.

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