Jack Griffo and his longtime girlfriend Ryan Newman broke up at the end of August after dating for over three years. However, he looks like he hasn't given up on finding love again! AND he knows exactly what kind of love and relationship he's looking for thanks to his older brother.

The Nickelodeon star took to Instagram to share a photo of his brother and his new wife on their wedding day. Jack captioned the shot, "Congrats to my brother and his beautiful bride for not only tying the knot ? but also for pulling off the most wonderful, unique, and beautifully touching ceremony yesterday. I'm still drying my eyes. I hope to someday have a love like the one you two share for each other. Welcome to family, Tabby !! For real now ..????❀️."

Aww! This is too freaking adorable! We really had NO idea Jack was this sensitive but it's pretty awesome that he feels comfortable enough to share such an intimate memory with the world. Fans are rooting for him to find himself in a relationship again and after this post, we certainly are too!

Do you think he's looking for a girlfriend right now or just enjoying the single life? Regardless, he seems super happy and in a great place – which is all that really matters anyways.

And of course, a huge congratulations to Jack's brother and his new wife!

When do you think Jack will start dating again? Let us know in the comments below!

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