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Jack and Jack's Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky look like two of the most confident boys ever: They get up on stage in front of hundreds of fans like it’s no big deal, joke around confidently on their social media channels and have a ton of celeb friends by their side. But in an exclusive interview with J-14, they admitted that they have moments when they feel uncomfortable in their own skin.

“I really critique myself a lot,” Jack G. confided to us. “I’ve seen pictures of me where I think I look so terrible!”

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Jack J. says he’s been there, too: “At the end of the day, you’re going to over-
analyze yourself — that’s a part of life.”

So what makes the guys feel less confident? “My biggest insecurity is breaking out,” Jack J. confesses. “I was late to that — all my friends got zits back in high school and after high school is when I’ve been getting it more. It makes me not want to take selfies or go out.”

Just like his best friend, Jack G. sometimes struggles with his appearance as

“My insecurity is my cleft chin,” he admits to J-14. “In school, everyone had a normal chin and I was the kid with a bump in my chin.”

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While the boys definitely have their “off” days, they’ve luckily learned how to get through those low periods to ultimately feel more secure.

Both Jacks know that the only way to stomp out insecurities is to be OK with who they are — and they want J-14 readers to remember that. “You’re your biggest critic,” Jack G. explains to J-14. The truth is, no one probably notices your insecurity as much as you think. So it’s better to just accept any flaws you have and focus on not letting anything (or anyone!) bring you down.

“Once you learn how to love yourself for who you are and not take anything too seriously, I think everything becomes a lot easier in life.” Jack J. shares to us. “You really can’t get on yourself too much because at the end of the day, everything is temporary. Just go out there and people will accept you!” So true.

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Interview by Lindsey Smith. This story originally appeared in the May 2017 issue of J-14.

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