It's been years since Zayn Malik broke off his engagement with Little Mix singer Perrie Edwards, but shippers are still connecting the two in the oddest way ever. Perrie's bandmate, Jade Thirlwall, got dragged into the drama as well. Actually, she kind of brought it upon herself but very much unintentionally. Jade posted a photo of herself wearing sunglasses and through the reflection, viewers could see a couple of the people she was hanging out with. One of the individuals stood out in particular with his bleach blonde buzzcut and dark beard. Does that description ring a bell for anyone? If not, no worries, we'll let you in on the secret. It looks exactly like Zayn!

No, really, the photo is crazy and fans flipped, thinking that Jade broke girl code and was secretly hanging out with Perrie's ex. Can you even imagine the uproar that would happen if this were true? We have a feeling that not only would Perrie be super upset, but Gigi Hadid wouldn't be too cool with that hangout sesh either. Thankfully, it wasn't Zayn. (We'll explain.) Jade captioned the shot, "tbt."

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It's literally Zayn's doppelganger reflected in her right frame, and we can't handle it. But if you look closer, Jade actually tagged a few people in the post. They are the ones that made an appearance in her shades. One of them goes by the name of Jamie Mcfarland. He is a stylist who dresses hopefuls on the X-Factor and has grown with the girls of Little Mix since their days on the show. Jamie even coordinated their outfits for the "Shoutout To My Ex" music video. Oh yeah, and did we mention he looks like Zayn? Yes we did, but still, you know, just driving home the point here. If you still don't believe us after seeing the photo of him in Jade's sunnies, we've got even more proof. He posted a photo with the caption, "☁️."

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He is Zayn through and through! One person commented on Jade's photo and said, "BOY IS THAT ZAYN IN THE REFLECTION?!!" Another said, "WHY U WITH ZAYN @jadethirlwall." And just because this is so great, someone else commented, "Y is Zayn in your glassea." L.O.L.

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So, after all the hype, let's just get one thing straight. Zayn and Jamie might look similar but they aren't the same people. Jade definitely was not hanging out with the "Pillowtalk" singer. Everyone can calm down. Perrie isn't upset over it because there isn't anything to be upset about. And if we want to get really technical for a second, Zayn currently doesn't even have a buzzcut. He was spotted in New York City just yesterday sporting dark, flowing locks on top of his head with shaved sides. His blonde 'do was so 2017.


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No blonde and no Jade in sight. He's honestly probably going or coming from Gigi's Big Apple apartment. But, just for one more laugh, we've actually found a photo of Perrie and Jamie — or, as also known by us, the fake Zayn Malik. So, for all you Zerrie shippers out there, you're welcome.

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