Jaden Hossler is entering his ~Pop Star~ era! The singer just announced his upcoming single “Chrome Hearted,” which is set to drop soon, and revealed why he won’t be going by “jxdn” this time around.

Keep reading for everything we know about the single, lyrics and why he’s not going by his separate music alias “jxdn.”

What Is Jaden Hossler’s ‘Chrome Hearted’ About?

While Jaden has not announced the single’s release date yet, fans hope that the track is coming soon.

“Been wanting to put this single out for months and it’s finally coming🫣 Jaden Hossler’s ‘Chrome Hearted’,” Jaden captioned a teaser of the song on Instagram in September 2023.

Some of the lyrics in the clip he shared seemed to be a dig at an past lover. “You don’t hold me down, you just watch me drown, yeah. You were in lost and found till I came around, yeah,” he sings in the teaser. “You hit me up at 10 when nobody’s around. Think it’s too late now, you can keep the crown, darling.”

Further in the clip, Jaden sings about how “she” is “a chrome hearted angel,” “heartless” and “obsessed with herself.”

Pre-save Jaden’s upcoming single “Chrome Hearted” here.

Why Isn’t Jaden Hossler Going By ‘jxdn’ Anymore?

Following the announcement of his new single, Jaden took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to explain why he’s going to be using his full name instead of jxdn for the time being.

“This is a real opportunity for us to transcend to a new level. I took time away to humble myself, grow, and learn what I need to how I needed to in order to rise up for this. No more petty bulls–t. no more inconsistency. Just pure hard work, talent and gratitude. Popstar Time,” he wrote. “I’m not abandoning Jxdn. I’m simply allowing Jaden Hossler to be the star he is. I dont need to be anything else but myself. And for this I am grateful. Jxdn will always be a part of who Jaden Hossler is.”

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