Jaden Hossler is in his cowboy era! The singer starred in Dasha‘s video for the TikTok viral song “Austin,” and NGL, we’re kind of into this random pairing — keep reading for everything we know.

Jaden, 23, plays the infamous deadbeat boyfriend which inspired the popular track by Dasha, 24, in the video posted on Wednesday, April 24. ICYMI, the song went viral after Dana’s line dance took TikTok by storm, and had thousands of young women wearing their country best while dancing underneath the trending sound.

The country songstress spoke to Sheesh about how “exciting” it’s been since the song has taken off.

“It is so exciting because of how fast it has gone,” she gushed. “Usually when people have a viral moment, it pushes the needle a bit, but this moment has been catastrophic. I am the first independent artist to be on the cover of Pop Rising – as a country artist too. So many doors are wide open because of the community and the fan outreach from this song. It is just wild to see it getting streamed double than the US. It is a global connection, and I am so happy.”

Dasha first came onto the music in 2020, releasing a handful of singles and eventually her first album, Dirty Blonde, in January 2023. However, it wasn’t until she released “Austin” in November later that year, where she saw a huge increase in popularity. She’s since dropped her sophomore album, What Happens Now? in February 2024.

As for Jaden, the TikTok star is gearing up to release his own music, as his second album, When the Music Stops, premieres on June 28.

Of his forthcoming full-length album, Jaden says, “What do I hear when the music stops? I heard silence like I had never heard before. I heard an emptiness that overtook me.”

He continues, “I missed the music of my life, I missed the safety it gave me. I had lost my love for the feeling. I went to hell and back since my last album. And I questioned myself, I questioned my music, and I questioned life and its purpose. And through all that, I heard faint sounds ever so often that resembled a beautiful melody. They guided me through the silence back to the place I call home – the music. Keep listening, keep holding on to tomorrow. Especially when you don’t hear anything anymore. Especially when the music stops. This one’s for you. This one’s for us.” only led to more greatness. So thankful to have been a part of it. Can’t wait for the world to experience it. Love you lil bro.”

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